Sew What, I Sew

Custom sewing and repairs

Sew What I Sew is a custom sew shop in Cumberland, BC. Basically, we manufacture and repair anything that needs stitching. From your designs or mine, I can manufacture all types of custom-sewn products, including cordora, leather, vinyl, waterproof zippers, medical grade material, Vibram® soles, Five Ten Stealth® rubber (for climbing shoes), nylon rip stop, fleece, and Gortex™.

We do big jobs and we do little ones. This company was founded on the premise of the two ‘R”s: Repair and Re-use. How, may you ask?

One, we repair existing items. We have an in-house professional seamstress named Margaret who will repair or alter your clothes to fit you perfectly.

Two, our products are made to last. From custom boat cushions to hand-crafted leather bags, we believe that quality counts.

Three, we build speciality items to replace single-use materials like plastic wrap.  For commercial clients, we design and manufacture products to make your business more efficient, cost-effective and sustainable.

Durable goods are making come-back. We can’t afford throwaway culture in a non-renewable world. Please contact us if you have anything you’d like to have repaired or made, and help make garbage extinct!




The Filthy Taco Change Mat and Storage Device


The Trudeau Stashbag

The Trudeau Stashbag

The Trudeau Stash Bag, made for the guy looking to keep his stash out on the table looking good

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The Basket Buddy

The Basket Buddy

A dry bag designed for flight!



Roller Derby bags, gym bags, leather purses, recycled rubber tube bike bags...


Our Values

Craftsmanship: We build to last.

Customer First: Your satisfaction is key.

Waste Not, Want Not: Our business is recycling through repair.


2701 Dunsmuir Ave
Cumberland (Vancouver Island), BC
Phone 250-650-4118
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